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Default Dungeon Striker Skill Calculator/Simulator - 05-25-2013, 01:53 PM
I just completed adding a skill calculator/simulator onto the site. The calculator was created by Jay, and designed by SBIRA

It's a really useful tool for those that want to save up your points for more useful skills. While eventually every character will be able to max out all their skills, the road up to that will take a bit of time.

While the simulator is without it faults (doesn't work in firefox, not in English, and a bit buggy), it still has the desired effects. I am working on translating the simulator to English. But am waiting on the translation to be completed from Baik Sun and Yeonsil Song (our hardworking korean translator) I'll be writing a guide on how the Skill System works in Dungeon Striker later this week, for those that are confused. I'll also write about how you can use the simulator as well. Check it out later in the newly created guide forums.

Edit. Here is the quick guide I wrote on the skill system in Dungeon Striker. This should help out some newbies.

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