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Default What's the review on Dungeon Striker? - 07-18-2013, 10:32 AM
For those that have played it, what do you rate this game? Is it better than dragon nest or the similar games that are currently out?
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Default 07-19-2013, 06:10 PM
Anyone got a review of this game? Maybe admin any other player?
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Default 07-20-2013, 12:59 PM
If you would like a professional review from someone who knows how to do this and hes reviewing asian games for a while i suggest you visit steparu.
Now if you ask about my enjoyment level of the game this is very mixed and heres why:

Right now my laptop and PC both cant run the game 100% fluently but this is not so important, i will get a new PC soon and shall test how it is then.
The lag i have is insane, its not a big thing, 250ms, but because of this all my skills, movement and positioning is delayed and makes me extremely inaccurate, hence why im thinking of taking a break from the game or simply wait for NA/EU release if ever comes, after finally breaking my bead into pieces and melting of boredom i reached level 65 and have the best set of armor in game as of now.
So i decided to try out one of the end game dungeons which is used for obtaining one of the two (as of now) best weapons in game, and guess what? im failing horribly because of the lag, since this dungeon is about being precise and accurate with your movements to become as time efficient as possible before you lose your time to complete the dungeon(and get the materials needed for crafting).

The graphics i would rate medium tho im playing on the lowest settings, i can still tell they are medium and nothing more. Level of detail i could say its rather low-ish this is because ground details are more of a copy-paste, and this only adds to the boringness of the repetitive nature, for items this changes, but then again you reach end-game and end up never looking at your armors again and tbh low level armors look cuter, weapons are ok.
Now lets get to the boring part, after you finish the story this is basically the end, you are forced to stick up with killing OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again the same bosses to get some crafting materials for sick and OP gear, which then boosts your time from a maximum of 3-4 minutes per boss to a minimum of 10 seconds ( refer to the wizard showcase on their builds website )
The most important part of being OP other then a sick weapon is builds which are impossible to get into very detail since everything is in korean, the same goes for everything in-game related, it would be just that much more helpful to be able to discuss in-game and learn from the pro's.

Now tbh i wouldnt mind all this boringness at all and having to farm the sh** out of my brain to get good gear IF i would have no lag and be able to get information from forums/in-game on the good builds and gear to look for, oh one thing about gear.. the only pieces of items you will actually have to thing about what to get are jewelry because for armor sets you dont have any real choice of what to get its just higher level=better and rarer=better (such as green-blue-purple).
The crafting system, well i dont really care about this, the only problem i have is with those repetitive dungeons which you pay tickets for(you get 3 a day) and the normal ones aswell to get crafting materials, other then that its "use this item to craft helment" or "use this item to craft fire weapon" , there are some new(as of now) recipes for good gear which require a much greater variety of items to be crafted but this does not remove the boring methods needed to get them.
And dont brag me for complaning! Because this IS boring and not only time consuming, it would be really greate to only be time consuming.

Now the title's and achievements are really cool, tho most of them you will get without even caring what the hell.. but there are achievements such as "defeat last boss with only normal atack and no healing skill" and im not sure which of those you need to finish to unlock the best titles that give stuff such as +5% critical rate or 100 def. Also you can have two of those at a time.

About party system this is also great but generic, basically in a party you usually end up with a mix of classes and the priest has the role of healing but in Dungeon Strikers aside from healing, the priest gets to have some sparkling skill which buffs allies damage but 1.1 to 1.5 or something extra, this has a V shape at bottom being the caster and also damages targets in the range while buffing, its really cool this buff boosts party play by a lot, otherwise i have had faster runs in solo play then full party with no priest(their enchant level on weapons also matters) and besides this there are various other buffs you can get from other classes (or just play that particular class) for your party.
There is a "tanking" class but its not what you expect, its speciality is not being knocked back (which is a fu*king awesome thing), but still in party play others have to dodge big boss atacks, also it has a self buff for 1-2 seconds of invulnerability i assume this is for timing it with big boss attacks.

Graphically the skills are looking impressive and this is one thing i love in games, maybe my definition of impressive is different from yours but i still like them.

Characters and customization are really key points of the game, so needless to say if you are not here for the cuteness of those chibi characters, leave. You can buy cash shop suits and items with those "medals" which you get 5 daily, and a i think it was 2 for staying online about 2 hours, aside from that you can buy medals in the action house ( medals that were bought with real money only and you cant resell) hence how koreans digg for ign gold. One more VERY important way of getting medals is via events that are held for koreans which, is obviously impossible for us to participate in and again reason why im waiting for na/eu.
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I'm Watching You 
Default 07-23-2013, 01:48 PM
Good review man. I was trying to farm that level 45 tower, to get that boot and no luck still. Already got every class but for whatever reason I can't get the boots for my class. So I started to level up my High Priest instead to see if I have better luck.

Damn it's boring when you have to grind like this. I'm hoping they change this somehow. I don't mind grinding but grinding the same places over and over again sucks. Also there should be some godly gear that drops from the bosses, not just from crafting. The crafting blows big time in this game. How the fuck do they expect you to craft shit, if they never drop? And some of the crafting stuff requires you to kill bosses 50 times at least.

One more VERY important way of getting medals is via events that are held for koreans which, is obviously impossible for us to participate in and again reason why im waiting for na/eu.
I'm guessing this will take at least one year till we see any news on EU/NA, just like Dragon Nest.

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Default 07-24-2013, 05:25 AM
On a side note i just finished the main story, i mean killing the revived Berta, the boss known as act 3 final boss but the new one after the update.
The battle was quite epic xD

And another thing im farming the new dungeons for the new purple gear since i cant defeat fire dragon due to lag.
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